These TERMS & CONDITIONS govern your use of (also hereinafter referred to as "the Site", "we", "us"), including the collection and treatment of any and all information that you (also hereinafter referred to as "user", "customer", "you") provide to us while interacting with the Site or our affiliates. These policies do not apply to information that we obtain or that you supply via methods other than the Site and our affiliates, or to any matters or issues governed and controlled by previously existing agreements. By using the Site, you unconditionally agree to be bound by the terms, covenants and restrictions contained herein, and you acknowledge that your right to utilize the Site, including the services offered herein, is expressly conditioned upon your acceptance of these terms. If you do not or cannot agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions stated below, you are instructed to navigate away from the Site immediately.
These TERMS & CONDITIONS are designed to answer any questions you may have with regard to your use of the Site, but if you have any questions that are not specifically addressed on this page you may contact us at for assistance.
What personal information does collect?
When you register on the Site, we request and collect such personal data as is required to create your user profile, including your name, email address, date of birth, gender, zip code, occupation, and industry. In some cases, we may also ask that you provide your mailing or billing address. 
How does collect my information?
TRAVELWEEKLYUPDATE.COM may collect your personal information using a variety of methods.  This includes specifically requesting information from you upon your registration with the Site, subscription to services offered through the Site, use of TRAVELWEEKLYUPDATE.COM products or services, visits to the Site or the websites of certain TRAVELWEEKLYUPDATE.COM partners and/or affiliates and as part of your participation in Internet-based promotions or sweepstakes sponsored or administered by TRAVELWEEKLYUPDATE.COM, on this Site or elsewhere.  Additionally, we may store your IP address in order to track page hits and unique users.
Will share my information with third parties?
While the information you provide to us may be utilized in connection with targeted promotions or offers, including those disseminated through email and direct mailing programs, on the Site and through our partner websites, affiliates and advertisers, we will never share your information with other outside parties, and we will never sell your information to individuals or entities not connected to the Site, its partners, advertisers or affiliates, unless compelled to do so by law and except as otherwise disclosed in these TERMS & CONDITIONS.  Information that you supply to us is only made available to employees of the Site, its partners, affiliates and advertisers on a “need to know” basis. Each of our partners, affiliates and advertisers has agreed in writing to be bound by the confidentiality restrictions contained herein.
How does use my personal information?

Generally speaking, we collect personal information from our users in order to enhance the Site’s functionality and to tailor the Site’s offerings to specific users or categories of users. We also use the information that you provide in order to render the services you have requested from us or for which you have registered through the Site. For example:

  • We may use personal information collected through the Site to send out targeted email or direct mail promotions offered by the Site or its partners, affiliates or advertisers.
  • We may merge information that we have collected with information supplied to or obtained by our partners, affiliates, advertisers or other travel-related entities in order to customize our promotional offerings to suit your specific desires and needs.
  • We may use your personal information to contact you regarding modifications to or renewals of subscriptions to our products and services offered through the Site for which you have previously registered.
  • If you register with the Site, we may contact you to inform you of product announcements, electronic newsletters or other services being offered to our registered users.
  • If you participate in any educational programs, virtual tradeshows or other time-sensitive programs offered through the Site, its partners, affiliates or advertisers, we may contact you to remind you of upcoming deadlines or in order to provide additional information concerning these programs and offerings.
  • If you subscribe to any electronic newsletters, mailing lists or other similar services, we will use your personal information in connection with providing such services to you.
Why should I register with
Knowing more about our users allows us to customize the Site to meet your specific needs and to offer services tailored to you personally.
If I register with, how will my personal information be protected?
We employ a multi-tiered system of security measures designed to prevent your personal data from being lost, stolen, altered or misused, including the use of secure, encrypted payment processing services. We regularly screen the Site for bugs, malware, viruses and other nefarious items that may jeopardize the integrity of your computer or the safekeeping of your sensitive personal information.
How does guard against spam and unwanted emails?
Each of our partners, affiliates and advertisers has covenanted and warranted that they will use the Site, our software and our users’ personal information only to communicate with users and prospective users who have explicitly consented (i.e., opted-in) to receive email in connection with the Site. The transmission of spam or other unwanted and unsolicited emails or other messages through the Site is strictly forbidden, and we will terminate our relationship(s) with any partner, affiliate or advertiser who knowingly or intentionally infringes upon these restrictions.
Can I cease receiving emails, offers, notifications or newsletters for which I have previously subscribed?
We pride ourselves on allowing all users the freedom to pick and choose which services they wish to receive through the Site. All emails and promotional materials distributed by us will provide you with the ability to “opt-out” of future mailing lists with just a click of the mouse.  The bottom of each email contains instructions on how to opt-out, along with a clickable link that you may use to so opt-out. If for any reason the link fails to process your opt-out request, or if you have other questions regarding this process, you may always email us at for assistance.
Aside from registration, will request additional information from me?  If so, will I be forced to provide this information as a condition of using the Site?
Occasionally, we conduct subscriber and user surveys to gauge the efficiency of the Site and learn more about our customers’ specific needs and desires, allowing us to offer you a better overall experience on the Site. The aggregated information is sometimes shared with our partners, advertiser and affiliates, but we do not share any personally identifiable information with outside third parties, and your ability to use the Site will never be conditioned upon your participation in any voluntary survey or similar program.
What are my responsibilities as a user of
Essentially, you are forbidden to engage in any activity from which we have prohibited ourselves.  You may not use the Site, our mailing lists or any information obtained from us, our partners, affiliates or advertisers to contact other users of the Site for any commercial or business-related purposes, and you may not use the Site or our mailing lists to disseminate spam or other unwanted emails or to proliferate malware, bugs, pop-ups, viruses or other insidious computer programs. Your failure to adhere to these guidelines is grounds for the immediate termination of your registration with the Site, including any and all services and products that you have purchased or in which you have enrolled, and you will not be entitled to any refund. Additionally, to the extent that suffers any damages as a result of your actions, we reserve the right to pursue any and all remedies which may be available to us, including but not limited to a law suit naming you as defendant.
Is there anything else I should know about
The Site contains many hyperlinks that will direct you to outside, third-party websites, as well as many advertisements for third-party providers. Except as specifically set forth herein, we are not responsible for, and we make no representations or warranties regarding, the content or privacy policies of any third-party provider, whether or not linked through the Site. You are instructed and advised to check with any such advertisers or third-party providers regarding their privacy policies and terms of use before navigating to any outside websites. However, we will use reasonable efforts to advise you when you are exiting the Site and entering a website maintained, operated and controlled by a third party.
Please keep in mind that any information provided by you through the internet, whether on the Site or elsewhere, may be intercepted or discovered by others for whom such information was not intended. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of any data or information that you do not wish others to know or acquire.
Can these Terms & Conditions be modified by
We reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy or any other information, data, services, products or promotions available on or through the Site, at any time and without notice. Any and all such modifications or deletions will be promptly reflected on the Site, and you are advised to check back frequently in order to keep up to date on those developments.
Does have a physical mailing address?
You may write to us at:
244 Madison Avenue, Suite 416
New York, New York 10016
United States of America
These terms and conditions are effective as of December 1, 2010, and were last modified on February 1, 2011.