TravelWeeklyUpdate, E-Travel Newsletters

Flying Customers and Publishers to New Heights!

TravelWeeklyUpdate puts customers and travel agencies first. Customers receive travel e-newsletter content tailored to their needs. Travel Agencies deliver targeted newsletters to their customer base.


TravelWeeklyUpdate focuses on travel related e-newsletters for customers and for travel agencies. We help all sized travel businesses stay in contact with their clients affordably, and by offering scalable solutions. We are a best practices turnkey marketing solution with high deliverability rates. TravelWeeklyUpdate is committed to permission based e-travel newsletter publishing and is 100% compliant with anti-spam legislation.

TravelWeeklyUpdate provides customers with complete control of their email inbox. Choose which travel companies you want to hear from, including the frequency, and decide what you want to hear about: Travel Deals, Cheap Flights, Hotel Deals, Travel Packages or Travel News.

What TravelWeeklyUpdate Can Do For Travel Agencies:

  • Create Professional Newsletters with meaningful content
  • Design Emails for Email Marketing that bolster customer confidence and create a powerful call to action
  • Captivate your audience with a stunning Promotion
  • Track your E-Newsletter’s performance
  • Improve your Email deliverability
  • Build and help you clean your mailing list

What TravelWeeklyUpdate Can Do For Customers:

  • Opt into e-newsletters from companies that you want to hear from
  • Opt out of e-newsletters from companies any time you wish
  • Choose the type of content you wish to receive, i.e., travel deals, cheap flights, hotel deals and, or travel news
  • Create beautifully designed newsletters with rich, meaningful content.
  • Choose the frequency with which you want to hear from your chosen travel companies